While our post does not have its own Honor Guard, we do participate in the Macomb County Ritual Team (MCRT). 
The Macomb County Ritual Team is a Veterans Honor Guard.  Its mission is unique as it performs Final Military Honors only.  The ritual team does not perform Color Guard functions such as posting colors at sporting or community events, nor does it march in any parades or participate in any political activities.
The ritual team is made up of volunteers from Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) throughout Macomb County and provides this honor at no charge to the families. Donations from family members are welcome, but never requested.  Occasionally we have fund drives where we ask assistance from either our VSOs or our Funeral Home partners throughout Macomb County.
The following honors are provided to all Honorably Discharged Veterans, including members of the National Guard or Reserves, without regard to any VSO affiliation, and may include:
The Chapel/Burial Ritual, the Three Round Rifle Volley Salute, playing of Taps, folding of U.S. Flag*, presentation of U.S. Flag*, presentation of volley casings.
* Flag folding/presentation if local military personnel are unavailable.
Evening Rituals may be given on certain occasions and may include all above except the rifle firing.  If the Veteran is a member of the VFW, then the team may perform the Station Rituals which would include: the laying of VFW Poppies by Post Members as well as other regalia by the Jr., Sr., Vice-Commanders as well as the Officer of the Day and the Ritual Commander.
For more information on the MCRT, please visit our Facebook page or contact us below:
(313) 418-7609 - Commander Scott Metcalf