How to Gain Access to VA Base/ Post PX & Commissary Procedures

JG - 1/15/2020

How to Gain Access to VA Base/ Post PX & 

Commissary Procedures


Veterans eligible solely under this act who are eligible to obtain a Veteran Health Identification Card muse use this credential for in-person installation and privilege access.  The card MUST display the Veteran’s eligibility status 

(i.e., Purple Heart, Former Prisoner of War (POW), or Service Connected).



1. Go to Visitor Center/ Pass and Registration Office (Outside of Gate).


2. Must have recent VA ID Card with Expiration Date & Bar Code at the bottom of ID. 


3. Bring the following list of documents to Visitor Center/ Pass and Registration Office: 


• Social Security Card or Federal documents with SSN (DD214, W2, Tax paperwork);
• Valid Driver’s License;
• Vehicle Registration; and
• Proof of Insurance.


4. If you bring a spouse and/or friend on base with you they will need to bring:  
• Social Security Card or Federal documents with SSN (W2, Tax paperwork) and
• Valid Driver’s License.


Once all documents are collected and verified, you should be able to access the base the same day(not guaranteed)


For more information, contact:


• Visitor's Center/Pass and Registration Office Phone586-239-6849
• 127th Wing Website
• Visitor's Center/Pass and Registration Office Hours:


Mon0800 - 1500


Tue0730  1500


Wed0730 - 1500


Thu0730 - 1500


Fri0730 - 1500


Sat0730 - 1500